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5 months agoThe difficulties that the Bitcoin is facing right now are: - High price for the transaction (from $15 up to $44); - Time of the transaction ranging from 1 hour to 2 days; - Bitcoin is not decentralized anymore; - Main mining capacities are concentrated in the arms of some particular groups. Since Satoshi left, the community has been falling apart and there are more and more monopolistic traits in the modern mining process.

Please, sign this petition and let Bitcoin Segwit2X project got enlisted in the main online markets! As soon as we show the impressive amount of signatures, no one will be able to ignore the movement to the better Bitcoin world anymore and will accept the fact that new ideal Bitcoin is much closer to its supporters that they have thought before!

As such, traders will first need to upload a copy of their government-issued ID, as well as a proof of address. This ensures that Binance Singapore remains fully compliant with domestic and international anti-money laundering regulations. Much like in the case of Binance’s fiat operations in Jersey and Uganda, Singapore users will be required to engage in a standard KYC process.

Getting started shouldn't be so painful, so I hope this is of use to anyone who is new to the space of Binance SG. There are many posts on Binance and Crypto discussions, but I haven’t been able to gather a lot of comprehensible/complete materials on Binance SG at the point I am writing this.

Binance – the global cryptocurrency exchange that in the last 24 hours has facilitated more than $2 billion in trading volume, has just announced that is has launched a Fiat-to-Crypto gateway for citizens based in Singapore.

The time has come for the new team and the new fork to be launched! Bitcoin Segwit2X team is planning to improve the codebase of the Segwit2X and add more features turning the new cryptocurrency (B2X) into a truly ideal Bitcoin. As you all know, in mid-November there should have been the hard fork, Segwit2X, but lack of support and some key figures from Blockchain sphere made everything possible for this fork not to happen.

This is further supported by Binance’s partnership with local FinTech startup Xfers. The Singapore-based company not only assists with customer onboarding, but its underlying technology enables high transaction volumes.

In order to deposit and withdraw funds with Singapore Dollars, users will be required to go through Singapore FAST. Launched in 2014, Singapore FAST is a hugely popular payment method that allows locals to execute near-instant bank-to-bank transfers.

For transactions $25-$50, the fee is $1.99 or equal. For transactions between $50-$200 the fee is $2.99 or equal. For transactions between $10-$25, the fee is $1.49 or equal. For transactions less than $10, the fee is $0.99 or cryptocurrency equal.

Now that the platform enables the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with local currency, it is likely that user acquisition rates will continue to grow at an alarming pace. Furthermore, on top of the platform’s global reputation as a legitimate and compliant third-party exchange, Binance offers cryptocurrency traders the lowest trading fees in Singapore.

I registered for an account at Binance US, a cryptocurrency exchange. I completed Basic and Advanced Verification of my account by submitting identity and address information, giving me permission to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency. I submitted a request for Cash Account (Fiat) Verification which would give me permission to withdraw cash from my account as well, but was not immediately approved. I wanted to withdraw my cash balance from my wallet but was unable to do so because my account had not passed Cash Account Verification yet, so I waited for bitcoin verification. I followed up on my original ticket but am waiting to hear a response.1/30/21: I attempted to reach out to Binance US via Twitter since I was not getting a response via help center/email, and since the company had no other contact options (chat, phone, etc.) I am still waiting to hear a response. 12/29/20 - 12/31/20: In the following days I transferred various cryptocurrencies into my account at Binance US and sold these cryptocurrencies, resulting in a cash balance of $3,186.13 USD in my wallet. 1/15/21: After waiting for 2 weeks, my account had still not passed Cash Account Verification and I was still unable to withdraw my funds. At this point it has already been over 30 days which is an unreasonable amount of time to have my funds locked with no response from the company. 2/2/21: As of today my $3,186.13 in cash is still locked in my wallet on the exchange. 1/28/21: Another 2 weeks passed with no progress. I submitted a ticket to Binance US through the company’s help center asking for a status update on my request [redacted].

12 hours agoOtherwise, you can read on for a step-by-step guide on the transfer process. If you need details on why I decided to use Binance International instead of Binance Singapore, you can refer to my other post here.

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