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Binance - Generate keys in Binance web interface on the "API management" panel: These keys are needed to get the available funds info and to perform buy/sell orders. The bot searches for api/secret API keys for Binance user account and reports error in case of failure.

The Binance CEO, who founded the exchange in 2017, said the company is now focused on hiring more staff to deal with regulation, centralizing its operations, and making sure products are compliant with local regulations.

После этого вводим желаемую сумму и нажимаем «Продолжить». Для пополнения счета на Binance доступны карты Visa и MasterCard. Чтобы пополнить счет на бирже с помощью банковской карты, переходим на вкладку «Купить криптовалюту» -> «Пополнение с карты». Здесь удостоверяемся, что в качестве валюты выбрана опция «RUB», а в качестве платежного средства – «Банковская карта».

Volatile means that they goes up and down in value. They are volatile and unregulated. The reason why crypto is volatile is because there is still a lot of leveraged capital in the market. Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk investment. In addition, there are many retail investors which tend to speculate and are driven by short-term feelings rather than long-term value, like institutional investors.

The Binance CEO's investment rationale for this huge investment in print and digital media is as follows: They are now trying to take Forbes public and have formed a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called Magnum Opus that is sponsored by the private investment firm L2 Capital. In 2014, Forbes announced that it had sold 95% of the magazine conglomerate to Hong Kong's Integrated Whale Media for US$475 million. Forbes is a media company founded in 1917 and perhaps best known for its "Richest People" list published by its print magazine of yesteryear, now issued mostly in digital format. Binance will assume half of the US$400 million of private investment in public equity (PIPE) funds pegged for the merger of Magnum Opus and Forbes and its public listing.

Zhao, known in the crypto community as CZ, told Bloomberg TV that Binance is undergoing big changes to appease regulators, who are unhappy with some of the exchange's products and its compliance with local rules.

Binance's CEO Changpeng Zhao said he spends at least 80% of his time thinking about regulation and next to none on the daily running of the crypto exchange, as official scrutiny of trading platforms intensifies.

It became the world's biggest crypto exchange in large part by allowing people to trade crypto derivatives using high levels of leverage, or borrowed money. Binance is facing intense regulatory pressure from financial watchdogs around the globe. Regulators are concerned about the dangers these products pose to consumers and potentially the wider economy.

Read more about crypto portfolio allocation strategy . There is a crypto strategy called HODL (hold on for dear life) which means that you never should sell your crypto. This has additional advantages since you never create any taxable event if you just HODL.

As Web 3 and blockchain technologies move forward and the crypto market comes of age we know that media is an essential element to build widespread consumer understanding and education. We look forward to bolstering Forbes’ Digital initiatives, as they evolve into a next level investment insights platform.

Плюсы: Прямая интеграция карт российских банков с Binance позволяет быстро и легко купить криптовалюту; возможен вывод средств на карту. Минусы: Комиссия 3,3%, нет поддержки карт «Мир».

Руководство поможет начинающим трейдерам и институциональным инвесторам купить криптовалюту на бирже бинанс.

His comments came after hackers stole $600 million from crypto platform Poly Network, before returning much of the haul. Zhao told Bloomberg that Binance spends a lot of time on protecting the exchange from hackers, saying security is the number-one issue for any cryptocurrency business.

После нажатия «Оплатить сейчас» вы будете переадресованы на страницу своего банка для ввода кода подтверждения из SMS. Выбрав, к примеру, Bitcoin (BTC), попадаем в торговый интерфейс. Для этого переходим во вкладку «Рынки» -> «FIAT рынки», Binance где ищем валюту «RUB». Для этого открываем ее и передвигаем ползунок под надписью «Купить BTC» вправо в зависимости от того, btc какую долю депозита мы хотим инвестировать в криптовалюту. В рассмотренном сценарии мы пополнили счет рублями, crypto за которые теперь необходимо купить биткоин или другую криптовалюту. Здесь нам предлагают разместить лимитную или рыночную заявку на покупку криптовалюты. На следующем этапе необходимо ввести данные карты и адрес для выставления счета. Вкладка «Маркет» позволяет мгновенно купить криптовалюту по наилучшему курсу в данный момент.19 hours ago

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